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Puppy Box
  • Celebrate your pup with a box full of farm fresh meat and bones! We love both our livestock guardian dogs and house dogs on the farm and it's fun to treat them with a surprise.


    Each box includes approximately 19 lbs of meat, bones, and offal. This mixture could include beef bones, meaty neck bones, kidney, heart, and more.


    Sullivan Family Farms meat is pasture raised right on our farm and is never treated with antibiotics or hormones.

    Pick up Mondays in Cheney, South Hill, at The Bohemian (Spokane Valley), North Spokane, or Liberty Lake.


    **All items will be raw. You must consult your veterinarian to be advised on feeding your pet raw, uncooked meat or bones. Each animal has unique needs for nutrition and health; please talk with your vet or injury or death may occur.

    Puppy Box

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