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High Production Olive Eggers
  • Preorder now open for pick up in Spring, Summer, or Fall of 2024. 


    The high production olive eggers are everything you could wish for.  They lay a light olive egg.  As a bonus, they all have top knots and come in a variety of colors and patterns.  This range is from sooty white to almost a cheetah pattern.  One of the bonuses is that they are a small bodied hen so they save you  money.  One of the top feed to production layers in our flock!


    **Please note day old chicks will be straight run; coop ready, and point of lay will be female. Cockerels available upon request.


    Hybrid: Yes

    Clean or Feathered Legs: clean

    Egg Color: Green/Olive Green 

    Egg Size: Large to Extra Large

    Adult Color: Varies

    Notable Characteristics: These friendly chickens are perfect for beginner backyard flocks. They are very hardy and great foragers.


    Farm pick up by appointment.  


    Gender Accuracy Policy:

    Although we try to be as accurate as possible, errors may occassionally occur. We will refund the purchase price if the wrong gender was sold. Reports must be made between 14-22 weeks of age.

    High Production Olive Eggers

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