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Chuck Eye Steak

Take advantage of this rare opportunity to get a la carte steaks! These premium cuts are usually in packages or saved for our bulk beef customers!


Chuck Eye Steak, approx 0.5 lbs each. Two steaks per package.


What is a chuck eye? The chuck eye is the ribeye steak's neighbor. This is because chuck eye is cut off the fifth rib of the cow, and ribeyes come from ribs number six and 12. Chuck eye steaks are also a highly marbled cut.


Chuck eye steaks have a savory, delicious, rich beefy flavor. They are not as tender as the ribeye, but when marinated and cooked properly are a tasty alternative to the ribeye at a lower price point.


Pick up Mondays in Cheney, South Hill, at The Bohemian (Spokane Valley), North Spokane, or Liberty Lake.

Chuck Eye Steak

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