Bulk Beef Share-Whole
  • With beef and processing fees on the rise, there's no better time to buy beef in bulk. Enjoy the peace of mind knowing that your freezer is filled with quality, local beef that you can share with your family.


    You may reserve your whole beef with a $1000 nonrefundable deposit. The remaining balance is due prior to pick up. Wholes are currently available to reserve for March 2023.


    Whole Beef



    approximately 400-500lbs of meat

    Nonrefundable deposit $1000

    2023 Availability: March

    Full customization of meat cuts, thickness, and packaging is available on halves wholes.


    Approximate Total Price: $3300-4125


    Price is determined after processing when exact weight of meat can be calculated. This includes the cost of cutting and wrapping.


    **For those of you accustomed to purchasing by hanging weight, we are happy to price our bulk beef in this manner. Hanging weight price is $3.10/lb. Please reach out for more information!


    Sullivan Family Farms meat is pasture raised right on our farm and is never treated with antibiotics or hormones.


    Pick up by appointment.

    Bulk Beef Share-Whole