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Best Dad Bundle
  • Celebrate the special dads in your life with this amazing bundle! It's a one stop shop with this package.


    Each bundle contains:

    A blank Father's Day card ready for a handwritten note

    Jalapeno Cheddar Focaccia (beyond delicious!)

    A certificate for our premium Burger Box! (Restock coming in July)


    When restocked in July, you will receive our dry aged, pasture raised Burger Box. Each box comes with 1 package of bacon cheddar patties, cowboy patties, Gorgonzola mushroom patties, and plain patties. Each package contains 4 patties at about 1/4lb each totaling approx 1lb. This box totals approx 4lbs.


    Sullivan Family Farms meat is pasture raised right on our farm and is never treated with antibiotics or hormones.


    Pick up Mondays in Cheney, South Hill, at The Bohemian (Spokane Valley), North Spokane, or Liberty Lake; or Saturdays at the farm stand.


    Preorders can be placed up to 24hrs before pick up.

    Best Dad Bundle

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